State Street Restaurant Design: The Great Northern

Student: Stephanie Phillips
Course: Interior Design IV, DS 623
Program: Interior Design

This piece combines the discipline of Interior Design with a tangible design experience. Physical space is combined with a community experience that defines the essence of Wisconsin.

Right at home in the city of Madison, but a nostalgic retreat from modern stressors and distractions, The Great Nothern captures the spirit of the Midwest. Ripping a page out of an American history textbook, The Great Northern channels late 19th-century railroad expansion, offering tickets at the door and craft beers at both its station and train car bars. Scuffed wood floors, weathered brick arches, steel-vaulted ceilings, and warm light emanating from train lanterns define The Great Northern as not only a restaurant, but an establishment that fosters a sense of Midwestern pride built upon a strong sense of local community.