Collection Project, Early 1800’s Women’s Eveningwear Dress and Coat

Student: Naomi Skaggs
Course: Processes for Apparel Design: Clothing Construction II, DS-154
Program: TAD
 I eventually want to go into costume design, for film or the theater so I decided to take this opportunity to make a collection of 1800’s evening wear. I started with a commercial pattern of a Regency Era-style coat, but altered it to make it more extravagant. I added fullness and length to the collar as well as length to the skirt of the coat to give it a sweeping train. I also mimicked the rounded edge in the sleeve hem. While I wanted to remain historically accurate, I made the design choice to modernize it with bright patterned fabric to making it dramatic and slightly theatrical. I designed the coat to be worn over the blue and green dress.