Collections Project

Student: Alexandra Ambur
Course: Processes for Apparel Design: Clothing Construction II, DS 154
Program: TAD

This long dress was made with the idea that Rihanna would wear it to the Grammys.  It started out as a commercial pattern, but the skirt was changed from a princess seam, A-line skirt to a gathered skirt.  The bodice of the dress was a regular V-neck shape and I changed it into a plunging V-neck.  I deliberately chose the faux leather for the bodice to give the dress structure as well as show off Rihanna’s strong, edgy persona.  The skirt was made out of a cheetah print to show her wild side.  These many design choices drastically changed the look of the commercial pattern into somewhat of my own design.  I believe I achieved Rihanna’s mood in this elegant yet edgy dress.