Protection Coat

Student: Andrea Lutz
Course: Fabric & Apparel Structures I, DS 153
Program: TAD

 When faced with an enemy one wants to overpower that enemy and be the victor, the stronger of the two. If one is not the strongest than an illusion must be created to convince the enemy otherwise. There are many war garments that are made to create a sense of strength. War garments are not only created to make an impression on the enemy but also to instill a feeling of strength in the wearer of the garment. When one feels strong, it is easier to act strong. My coat is made to create and illusion of size and strength for the wearer and the viewer . This coat expands a person into something bigger than a normal human.   The fit of the coat is enlarged in the body and the sleeves but remains fitted in the neck and sleeve seam. This is so the coat is large, but does not look over-sized, like the coat is too large for the wearer. The expansion of the coat creates an illusion of size, the viewer assumes there is body where the coat swings out and the wearer feels larger, with the extra fabric surrounding and interacting with the torso and limbs.  The top of the coat creates an extension of the wearers hair.  Hair is natural decoration and protection. Expanding the hair downward in gigantic proportions creates an illusion and magnifies the already present hair of the wearer and makes the wearer appear larger than life, something beyond and bigger normal. The sharpness of the “hair” ends creates and element of danger and prevents the hair looking like something beautiful and friendly. 
 The overall goal of this coat is for it to act as armor that intimidates and fools enemy while instilling confidence in the wearer.